12 Days of Service: A Family Holiday Tradition

12 Days of Service: A Family Holiday Tradition

As a mother of six teen and young adult children I am invested in my children discovering their best selves. One of these ways is seeking opportunities for service in our communities particularly at this time of year. In a world that can often seem “me focused” it can be a challenge to identify ways to help our children shift that focus outward. The holiday season is a perfect occasion to take time from the parties, shopping, wish lists and general hustle and bustle to teach children the value and reward in brightening the lives of those around them. It is always especially beneficial when there is a personal element and connection to these acts. One way to accomplish this is by participating in something some call “12 Days of Service.”

This tradition may look a little different for every family and circumstance.

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Kristyn Morgan and her husband, David, have spent the last 20 years raising their five sons and a daughter in Vancouver. She believes in the motto “Striving to be better while keeping it real,” and can be found blogging about navigating the parenting waters at This Crazy Life or on Instagram at morganlifeadvice.

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