Playing it Safe: Avoiding Youth Sports Injuries

Playing it Safe: Avoiding Youth Sports Injuries

All sports have a risk of injury; but for most young people, the fun and excitement of playing the game greatly outweighs any risk that comes with sports participation. Playing sports helps kids and young adults stay in shape and practice specific skills, but with that comes a commitment to playing safely and preventing injuries from happening. Every year, youth sports injuries are on the rise around the United States, so educating players on how to take care of themselves is key. In addition, teaching parents the right way to help their kids is important when an injury situation does arise. Here are some very important injury prevention tips to promote a safe sports experience.

#1: Education is the Beginning

Chris Gissell is the owner of Baseball Dudes, a Vancouver family-run business that teaches, mentors, develops, and prepares baseball players, their families, and coaches for life on and off the field. He shares that injury prevention begins by educating both parents and players. For instance, Gissell suggests that players take time off to rest during the off seasons, then play other sports to help stay in shape. All the while, he encourages players to establish arm care routines that are enjoyable and easy to stick with for the long haul. And to parents, he offers this advice: “Establish hard limits and never forget that this is the kids’ game. It’s easy for our emotions and competitive nature to take over as adults. When we allow this, mistakes are made, and it turns into using the kids instead of looking out for their best interest.”

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