Author: Brooke Strickland

A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Brooke Strickland is a full time freelance writer who recently co-authored her first book, “Hooked on Games.” When taking a break from writing, she can be found in a cozy chair with a book, or on the Oregon coast with her two daughters, husband, and two dogs.

MANUAL EXCERPT: Parenting today involves confronting a host of concerns that our parents and grandparents did not have to deal with.

As a kid, I had a treasured piggy bank. I remember dumping it out, then separating the money I had saved into piles of dollars, quarters, and dimes so I could count exactly how much I had. I dreamed of

I have many fond memories of running inside my grandparents’ house, and raiding the cupboard for grandma’s homemade spritz cookies before my sister and I started building a fort in the basement. I can hear my grandfather’s laugh and the

By first grade, Clark County resident Grace* had experienced physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Her mom and dad were young, not ready to be parents, and both struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Experiencing shame and humiliation at home and