Author: Brooke Strickland

A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Brooke Strickland is a full time freelance writer who recently co-authored her first book, “Hooked on Games.” When taking a break from writing, she can be found in a cozy chair with a book, or on the Oregon coast with her two daughters, husband, and two dogs.

In neighborhoods all around Clark County, Little Free Libraries and summer reading are sparking the imaginations of readers young and old.

MANUAL EXCERPT: Parenting today involves confronting a host of concerns that our parents and grandparents did not have to deal with.

As a kid, I had a treasured piggy bank. I remember dumping it out, then separating the money I had saved into piles of dollars, quarters, and dimes so I could count exactly how much I had. I dreamed of

I have many fond memories of running inside my grandparents’ house, and raiding the cupboard for grandma’s homemade spritz cookies before my sister and I started building a fort in the basement. I can hear my grandfather’s laugh and the

By first grade, Clark County resident Grace* had experienced physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Her mom and dad were young, not ready to be parents, and both struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Experiencing shame and humiliation at home and

When Laura Shannon started her engineering program at Washington State University Vancouver, she noticed the need for a community of other female engineers to join forces and support each other. Shannon and another female engineering student were working on a

Mac Potts was born with music inside of him. He recalls playing with musical toys as a young child growing up in Kalama, and listening to any cassette tape he could get his hands on. He says, “Music has always

The long-awaited Vancouver Waterfront officially opened in autumn 2018, and since then, Clark County residents have been flocking there to experience the sweeping cityscape and water views. The waterfront park is a half mile in length and encompasses 7.3 acres

Breck Johnson, otherwise known as “Brecky Breck,” has interacted with kids her whole life. As a teenager, she managed a children’s summer camp in Corbett, Ore. and, after moving to Vancouver as a young adult, she was hired to run