Author: Davi Nabors


Southwest Washington is teeming with charitable organizations that serve, support, and encourage others in order to make our community a better place for all to live. But most of these organizations rely on personal donations to help sustain their efforts. Fortunately, our local community is also filled with compassionate and generous people, able and wanting… Read More

Little Known Library Resources

Written atop the home page of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library’s (FVRL) website at is an invitation to Explore the Possibilities. The possibilities to which it is referring are potentially endless, and the invitation to explore is open to virtually everyone. Yet the library’s free, online resources and databases are some of the most… Read More

Uncovering Mental Illness in Young Children

Temper tantrums, quirky behaviors, the tendency to withdraw, perceived delays in development, an inability to sit still…the list of behaviors in young children that raise concern in parents seems endless. And not knowing what to do when it comes to a child’s mental health can feel even scarier and more overwhelming. Is what I’m seeing… Read More