Author: Julianna Lawson

The New Domesticity: A Stitch in Time

“You can be Carrie and Katie, and I’ll be Sarah and Becky.” My sister and I gathered the brightly colored clothes that accompanied each paper doll, delighting in Carrie’s croquet dress, Sarah’s patchwork parasol, Becky’s voluminous straw hat and Katie’s beribboned sleeves. We delved into the world of “The Ginghams,” dressing our paper friends up… Read More

The New Domesticity: Raising Old-Fashioned Families 

We gathered around the table with a common goal: make it to Oregon. But would all six of us survive? It seemed doubtful. Embarking on our journey, we were optimistic, determined, hopeful. But as the dusty trail behind us grew, so did our doubts. The oxen were thirsty. Dysentery threatened. The wagon tongue broke. (Again.)… Read More