Author: Steve Davala

Steve Davala is a high school chemistry and physics teacher who likes to write and work with Photoshop. He’s got two kids of his own and subjects them to these science activities as guinea pigs. Follow him on Twitter or email him at

Ice cubes. Solid water. You know they form at really low temperatures, but how long does it take for it to melt? This month we’ll be exploring the different ways objects heat up and cool down. We’ll be checking out how

We’ve all heard about machines. We see them all around us every day helping us do our work. Did you know that there are simple machines that were discovered thousands of years ago? When we think of machines we think

What causes sound to happen? What makes sound have different pitches or notes? We’ll be tackling these this month in Simple Science. There are several things to try this time, so follow the procedure you wish! Materials for everything: Styrofoam cups, rulers,