Author: Sarah Mortensen

Oregon Children’s Theatre’s “Me . . . Jane”: a Review

Oregon Children’s Theatre’s production of the picture book, “Me… Jane” is a sweet ode to the one and only Jane Goodall. A west coast premiere, Aida Valentine portrays a young Jane Goodall exploring her backyard with her stuffed chimp Jubilee, but dreaming of living in Africa one day. Those familiar with the book will recognize… Read More

Eye on Education: Vision Therapy and Success in the Classroom

With a new school year just around the corner, families are going through the checklist to get ready for school: shopping for new backpacks, shoes, and even new glasses to match the threads! What I recently discovered is that some eye doctors are trained to evaluate children’s vision beyond an eye glasses prescription. “August is… Read More

How Moms Do It: Transitions Between Home and Work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 73 percent of mothers today work outside the home. Still, many moms leave the workforce or reduce the number of hours they work while children are young, often returning to work later on. These work transitions can increase stress as parents and children adjust to new routines… Read More