Editor’s Pick: “The Big Me, Little You Book” by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder (Sourcebooks, 2014)

Editor’s Pick: “The Big Me, Little You Book” by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder (Sourcebooks, 2014)

“The Big Me, Little You Book” co-author Meg Leder’s favorite people in the world, her niece and nephew, live in Ohio. She lives in New York City. So to keep in touch, she bought a big blank book to mail back and forth with them, filling the pages with questions, photos, stickers, and letters. The experience inspired her and her writing partner, Rachel Kempster, to create a journal for two people to share, “The Big Me, Little You Book.” It’s a scrapbook and journal in one, and includes journal prompts, spaces for drawings and collages, questions about favorite music and memories, and more. “Whatever your role–,” Leder writes in the introduction, “grandparent, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, babysitter, nanny, cousin, big sibling–you can use it with the little one in your life.”

My daughters have started writing and doodling in it together, and it’s a priceless snapshot into their relationship as it is growing now. After all, friends will come and go, but they will always be sisters. It’s the number one relationship I want them to cultivate. With the frequent fighting and daytime drama that often accompanies a household of girls, they’ve got to have something that helps bring them together and re-center. This morning, after a particularly dramatic mediation session between them, I opened their “Big Me, Little You Book” and found solace in the list my 8-year-old wrote in it of ways she and her 11-year-old sister are alike.

1. We both have short hair

2. Both like lip stock/gloss

3. Music style

4. Love being silly together

5. Love watching TV or movies together

“5 alikenesses”

I was further comforted by the page they filled with imagined constellations that symbolize things they both love: a turtle, a balloon, music notes, an owl, a flower. It’s the simple things that will bind them together, and few things are stronger than girls and women bonded together in love!


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