Bit of HiStory: The Story Behind the Parks

Bit of HiStory: The Story Behind the Parks

On warm summer days, the many parks of Clark County are full of families enjoying playgrounds, walking trails, sports fields and courts, skate parks, dedicated green space, outdoor grills, pavilion shelters and all of the natural beauty afforded us by our cities’ and counties’ parks and recreation departments. We all have a park that’s fairly close to us, or a family favorite, but most of us haven’t paused to wonder about the origins of each park’s namesake. Each and every park in Clark County has a story, and a history.

Take, for example, General Anderson Park near Andresen Road and MacArthur Boulevard.

General Anderson Park. Photo courtesy City of Vancouver.

General Thomas Arthur Anderson circa 1898. Photo courtesy of Pat Jollota.











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Pat Jollota retired from the Los Angeles Police Department and came to Vancouver to find a new career in historic preservation. She was curator of education at the Clark County Historical Museum for 22 years, while almost concurrently serving for 20 years on the Vancouver City Council.

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