Brecky Breck: Local Mom Teaches & Inspires Kids on YouTube

Brecky Breck: Local Mom Teaches & Inspires Kids on YouTube

Breck Johnson, otherwise known as “Brecky Breck,” has interacted with kids her whole life. As a teenager, she managed a children’s summer camp in Corbett, Ore. and, after moving to Vancouver as a young adult, she was hired to run a children’s program in Clark County. Now, as a mom of four, she is inspiring kids through energetic, creative videos on YouTube. Her love for kids is part of what has made Brecky Breck videos popular, but her childlike energy is what really keeps kids entertained.

Brecky Breck explores fire trucks

Johnson and her husband Kylan were married at age 19 and shortly after their wedding, she discovered they were expecting their first child. As young parents, the couple began navigating the world of raising kids with gusto. Johnson shares, “Growing up, I had always known I’d be a mommy, but interacting with children for the majority of my upbringing and into my adulthood reminded me that I never wanted to lose that childlike energy. Now having four children of my own, I see the value in maintaining a fun, silly, childlike spirit, in order to captivate and cultivate their desire to learn and grow.” She explains that as her kids started reaching an age where technology and media became a form of entertainment, she started seeking out shows and channels that were popular. She realized quickly that she was inspired by a few but shocked by others. She and Kylan recognized a need for quality content that was accessible to families, especially young kids. After working hard together over the last year to refine their schedule, strategy, and online presence, the Johnsons introduced the character Brecky Breck to the YouTube world and so far, the response has been fabulous.

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