Editor’s Picks

“Founding Mothers” Public Art Honors Women

On November 6, Vancouver’s Downtown Association (VDA) dedicated Vancouver’s newest public art piece, honoring women who have shaped Vancouver’s community throughout its history and continuing into a bright future. “Founding Mothers” is located at the corner of 6th and Columbia Streets and is visible¬†from the southeast corner of Esther Short Park. See how the 12-foot… Read More

Editor’s Pick: Kamik Boots

  • KAMIK_Raindrops_Turquoise2
  • KAMIK_Bluster_Navy2
  • KAMIK_Raindrops_Periwinkle2
  • KAMIK_Zebra_Black2
  • KAMIK_Raindrops_LightGrey2
  • KAMIK_DaisiesJr_Navy2
Even in the summertime, rain boots are essential in the Pacific Northwest. Warm rainy day play, camping, and day trips to Lewisville Park are all infinitely more enjoyable when little ones’ feet are dry and warm. Rain boots can be found at many department stores year round, but not all boots are created equal. Comfort… Read More

Editor’s Pick: Clever Crates

If your garage is anything like mine, its contents are continually shifting. Kids’ priceless artwork and outgrown clothes add up, making periodic donation trips to Goodwill quite necessary. Families living in small spaces have an especially big challenge when it comes to storing all things essential (and let’s face it–most of live with quite a… Read More