The Art of Apology

My bickering children paused mid-argument and looked at me, dumbfounded. “You heard me. Socks off.” Brows furrowed, my children—then about 6 and 8—did as they were told. “Thank you. Now, onto the couch.” The quizzical looks continued, but they climbed up. “Turn and face each other.” Glares commenced. “Come on, now. Look at your wonderful,… Read More

Where Do I Start? Local Resources for Dads

As spring fades and summer is now upon us, not only does June represent the end of the school year and a few months’ vacation for our kiddos, but it’s also the month we celebrate dads. For all of the amazing things dads bring to the parenting table, one of the things we tend to… Read More

Editor’s Pick: “Screenagers” Documentary

It’s a common script: “But everyone else in my school has a smartphone!” “I have to play the newest video game!” “Why don’t you trust me with a tablet?” “I need Snapchat and Instagram! My social status depends on it!” The arguments go on and on with most teens who crave the connectedness, coolness, and entertainment that… Read More