“She’s Like Me” Launches an Online Community Designed to Connect Women Based on Shared Life Experiences

Sometimes women just need a forum to discuss their stories, many of which need serious and urgent attention. Whether it be a recent diagnosis from a doctor, a terrifying miscarriage or a husband’s infidelity, it’s hard to go through it alone. Perhaps you are experiencing a painful divorce while seemingly all of your local friends… Read More

Dating After Divorce

According to licensed psychologist, Dr. Bart Fowler of Charis Counseling in Vancouver, second marriages have an approximate 33 percent success rate which drops to 27 percent for third marriages. “That’s a select group of people so if you want to be a part of that, you have to work on things being different.” Dr. Fowler… Read More

Date Night PDX Challenge

Every Marriage Matters is pleased to present the 3rd Annual Date Night PDX. Good relationships don’t just happen. They require regular investments of couple time. That’s why, during the month of August 2014, Portland/Vancouver Metro area sponsors are challenging couples to go on four dates in four weeks as part of the Date Night PDX… Read More