Think Happy Rally Comes to Vancouver

October is Positive Attitude Month and local businesses are leading a one-of-a-kind rally to encourage positive thinking. The Think Happy Rally, presented by Unitus Community Credit Union and Burgerville, is the first to combine driving, science, bright yellow messages, the popular selfie, social media and a good old fashioned cash prize. On October 3, which… Read More

Emergency Preparedness: Are You Covered?

On May 19, 1980, one of the most powerful and destructive events ever to hit the Northwest took a sturdy grip upon much of the state and many states to the East. The massive Mt. St. Helens eruption left a mountain’s worth of volcanic ash, mud, trees, and other debris in its wake of destruction. Prevailing winds carried much of… Read More

Parenting with MS

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, approximately 2.3 million people worldwide are affected by MS. The disease has proven difficult to track, which has likely caused this number to be significantly lower than the actual number of cases. In 2011, Seattle Magazine reported that MS is more prevalent in the Pacific Northwest than almost… Read More