Emotional Safety

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Amy is 31 years old. She is a part-time fitness instructor and a full-time (over-time) mother of two amazing boys. She drives a minivan. One day in 2009, a drunk driver crossed the centerline of the highway and sideswiped her minivan causing a violent collision. Amy’s physical injuries were not overly severe—she suffered a neck/back… Read More

Is Your Student Athlete Exposed to Unnecessary Risk of Injury or Death?

Today in American high schools there are approximately 7 million student athletes. To put that number into perspective, that is more than the approximately 6.9 million people that live in the entire state of Washington! This constitutes, by far, the single largest constituent of athletes in America. Among athletes, these students are at the greatest… Read More

10 Misunderstood Rules of the Road

In high school, I missed just one question on my Utah State Driver’s Education written test. I still remember the question:QUESTION:     When passing another vehicle, how many miles per hour can a driver exceed the posted speed limit? 3 mph5 mph10 mphNone of the above Looking back, nearly *cough* twenty years, I still cannot… Read More