Wander Woman: Christmas Ships at the Port of Camas

Wander Woman: Christmas Ships at the Port of Camas

“Everyone get in the car. We’re going to do something fun tonight,” I said. Everyone was already suspicious. It was dark and rainy and more than one member of the family was looking forward to a warm, dry night at home playing their favorite video game.

“We’re going to see the Christmas ships!” I said, fully aware that if I left a moment for the reality of that phrase to sink in, I might just have a small revolt on my hands. So, I quickly added, “There will be cookies!”

They didn’t care about cookies. I made them get in the car anyway.

For years I’ve wanted to see the Christmas ships parade up and down the river. The idea of all those lighted boats sounded magical. However, the idea of standing outside in the cold, dark and possible rain didn’t hold as much allure. But the kids were getting older and seeing the Christmas Ships was, as they say, on my bucket list. So, we grabbed our coats and scarves and a Thermos of hot chocolate, and we headed for the Port of Camas.

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All photos courtesy of Christmas Ships, Inc.

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