Discussing Death: Healing and Helping at End of Life

Discussing Death: Healing and Helping at End of Life

No one knows how many people will die from COVID-19. Yet in the wake of this pandemic, how many of us are ready or able to discuss death in a healthy way, or know where to go to have those conversations? Most people have never heard of a Death Café, but Death Cafés have been hosted in the Vancouver/ Portland area for over two years.

“We have never in our lifetimes had to contend with such unprecedented changes to our lifestyle, and threats to our health and well-being,” states Jools Barsky, co-founder of Death Café, a nonprofit social franchise. “Never has there been such a need to talk about death and dying.”

What Is Death Café?

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Want to Learn More About Death Café?

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Death Café Portland (the most attended in the world)

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