Editor’s Pick: “Micah the Mighty Marathoner” by Mackenzie Snell

Editor’s Pick: “Micah the Mighty Marathoner” by Mackenzie Snell

“Micah loves to run. But Micah does not run like most people.”

Camas High School student, Mackenzie Snell, wrote “Micah the Mighty Marathoner” about her younger brother.

So begins a vibrantly illustrated tribute from Camas teen Mackenzie Snell to her younger brother, Micah. Unlike most high school students, Mackenzie is now a published author of a children’s book chronicling Micah’s adventures participating in dozens of marathons, being pushed in his special wheelchair by his dad and other loved ones. The family’s nonprofit organization, Micah’s Miles, raises funds and awareness for various other causes as Micah rolls to the finish line, with his beloved plush Monkey and Tiger by his side.

With this book, kids learn about perseverance and a real life local superhero, and parents will appreciate the story of Micah’s early race for survival. The book even includes learning targets and book discussion ideas for teachers.

“Micah the Mighty Marathoner” (Micah’s Miles, 2018) is available on Amazon, and all proceeds from book sales will go to Micah’s Miles partner charities.

Learn more about Micah’s Miles here.

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