Editor’s Pick: “The Healing You Can Do” by Meghan T. Hindi

Editor’s Pick: “The Healing You Can Do” by Meghan T. Hindi

Everyone experiences challenges in life, but a few (perhaps a growing number) of us face profound suffering that leads to truly dark places. Yacolt author, doula, wife and mother, Meghan T. Hindi, identifies squarely as the latter. “I first experienced physical, emotional and verbal abuse at the hands of my mother, from my earliest memory,” she shares in the story behind her new book, “The Healing You Can Do” (self-published, 2019). But, she immediately notes, “I am genuinely grateful for all of the years of pain, for without it, I would never have become who I am today, and ‘The Healing You Can Do’ would not exist.”

The children’s book, illustrated by Vancouver artist and mother, Katie M. Berggren, speaks to children and the child within who begins life with infinite promise (“You have always been more precious / Than you could ever know. / You were inspiring from the start / With an illuminating glow.”), but whose life journey doesn’t go as planned (“One day, your entire life changed. / You learned a very hard thing. / You were taught that someone can hurt you. / Now you see, there can be pain.”). The narrator, speaking as a loving parent, acknowledges the affliction, but encourages the child to summon inner power and transform trauma into triumph. The book’s poetry is lovely, the illustrations full of color and hope, and the message crucial—for trauma survivors and all who seek to help them heal.

Find a copy of the book at New Renaissance Books in Portland, or online at Amazon, and

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