Emergency Preparedness: Are You ready?

Emergency Preparedness: Are You ready?

(Adapted from the City of Vancouver’s Emergency Preparedness Resources, CERT Clark County, and Washington State’s Emergency Management Division)

In 1962, the Columbus Day storm brought 90-plus mph winds and caused $200 million in damages to Vancouver. In 2008, a tornado touched down near Vancouver Lake, cutting power to more than 125,000 homes. Are you and your family ready for a disaster that could knock out electricity, water, phones and roads for several days or weeks? If a major earthquake or flood hit our community today, would you be able to survive? By anyone’s assessment, most of us are not ready.

No community will ever have enough firefighters, medics, police, public works and community health workers to fully address a catastrophic disaster. The answer is advance planning and family preparedness. Involve all family members in disaster planning. Set a deadline for completion and make it a priority. You, your family and your neighbors can thrive in the face of disaster if you take the time to prepare now.

Every family should:

  • Make an Emergency Plan
  • Build a Disaster Kit
  • Get Emergency Skills Training

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More emergency response preparation information and tips:

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