Seven Things Every Baby Needs to Thrive

Seven Things Every Baby Needs to Thrive

From the moment our babies are conceived, parents are bombarded with messages about buying their wholeness. But the wellbeing of children has little to do with purchasing the newest bouncy seat on the market or dressing them in adorable outfits that will impress friends on social media. Healthy, happy children are raised that way by caring, attentive parents. This means giving children our attention, energy and love, not merely showering them with material things and documenting their most adorable moments.

Children need our presence more than they need our presents. Just as a vitamin or mineral deficiency can lead to problems later in life, parents need to focus on fulfilling the basic needs every baby has from birth onward to raise happy, confident children. And babies are not the only ones with needs. Every person on the planet longs to experience these seven feelings from the day they are born until the day they leave the world. By identifying the desires you have in common with your baby, you can become a more mindful parent.

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