Eye on Education: Vision Therapy and Success in the Classroom

Eye on Education: Vision Therapy and Success in the Classroom

With a new school year just around the corner, families are going through the checklist to get ready for school: shopping for new backpacks, shoes, and even new glasses to match the threads!

What I recently discovered is that some eye doctors are trained to evaluate children’s vision beyond an eye glasses prescription. “August is Children’s Vision and Learning month,” says Andrea Morton, OD, MEd of Vancouver Vision Clinic, “which was started to help provide education concerning the important connection between vision and learning, and to raise awareness about the fact that vision is more than simply being able to read 20/20 letters on a chart.” Dr. Morton is an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy and pediatric eye care. Vision therapy is a non-surgical method which helps to correct certain vision problems and/or improve visual skills such as eye teaming (coordination) through specific exercises. I (“SM”) spoke with Dr. Morton (“AM”) to better understand the theory behind vision therapy and its uses.

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Sarah Mortensen recently completed her degree in marriage and family studies and works for Vancouver Public Schools as a paraeducator in addition to her role as associate editor of Vancouver Family Magazine. When Sarah is not reading to her kids or students, she is probably in her backyard taking care of her garden. She also enjoys hiking, hot chocolate, and dressing up for Halloween. She lives in Vancouver with her husband, son and daughter.

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