Families Ride and Race in Washougal

Families Ride and Race in Washougal

Earlier this year, Ryan Huffman ate lunch with his daughter on the hilltop overlooking Washougal Motocross (MX) Park. The 300-acre piece of land north of Washougal River State Park has been in his family for decades, starting when Ryan’s father Ralph purchased the land from the previous owners in the early 1990s. Ryan and his daughter reflected on how many families the land has brought in through various motocross races and events. They discussed how important the space is to them and what new things they might be able to add in the future. The land is not just part of their family—it is part of who they are as people. 

Ryan, an avid motocross racer who raced professionally for several years, grew up with his parents as well as nine brothers and sisters who are still involved in the business in some way. Today, Ryan runs day-to-day operations as the manager of the park and he continues to help fulfill his dad’s vision for bringing families together through motocross. The land has various areas: off-road space, trail routes, motocross courses, single track mountain bike trails, obstacle courses, and a mud running area. The acreage is used for national motocross events, practices, private events, and there is even space for camping—all amidst a scenic natural environment.

Jenn Curtis and her family have been racing at Washougal MX park for over 10 years.

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