From the Farm to Your Fork

From the Farm to Your Fork

Freshly tilled soil mixed with crisp country air welcomes you as you park at Flat Tack Farm. It’s a grounding reminder that the vibrant colored vegetables found in the CSA boxes lay deep within the SW Washington ground just a few days before. For Cathy Stentz, it’s one of the best parts about picking up her produce. “It smells clean. It smells like fresh ground. It’s hard to explain, but when I get out, and I just look at the beauty of the country. It’s so hard to put into words. It just overwhelms you.”

Inside the pick-up tent, the energy grows electric as people pick up their vegetables. They stop and talk with the farmers, ask when they picked the produce. They learn how it was grown and, more importantly, what on earth to do with it.

It’s a unique grocery shopping experience, and many people don’t know about it.

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In keeping with their commitment to protecting the environment and to passing on to future generations the importance of understanding where food comes from, Burgerville recently introduced Seedlings, a new program in partnership with the Culinary Breeding Network. As the “prize” in each kids’ meal, Seedlings makes Northwest-grown and bred seeds available to customers, teaches kids and adults about growing plants, and inspires gardeners to grow locally grown and bred seeds at home. The Seedlings program includes newly designed envelopes for the seeds, new bags for the kids’ meals, the introduction of the Seed Wizard to excite kids about seeds and gardening, and stories from the Northwest farmers who grow the seeds. Seedlings seed varieties will rotate seasonally.

Kristen Flowers is the host of the morning show, Nick and Kristen in the Morning on 99.5 The Wolf. She lives in Vancouver and currently blogs for her own website, She moderates the Positive Parenting Posse group on Facebook, a page dedicated to sharing positive and helpful tips about parenting. In her spare time, she's working on her debut novel and making everything she possibly can on her new Cricut maker.

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