Good News for Crestline


It would seem that nothing good comes from tragedy. It’s heart wrenching, confusing, maddening, and has the potential to turn even the brightest optimist into a cynic. But consider the good that can grow from disasters. Case in point: Crestline Elementary, destroyed by fire on Feb. 3, has brought the community together in a wonderful way. Teachers from the school, who are now teaching their classes at various other locations while the school’s damage is assessed and repairs begin, have recently begun to pick up donations that have poured in from locations throughout Vancouver. Spanky’s Consignment Clothing, for example, recently donated proceeds from a full day of business to the school. Other businesses and private citizens jumped in as well. While we wish tragedy on no one, it seems to be the best catalyst for displaying the best in each of us. And a life without witnessing good will would be a cynical one for sure.

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Nikki Klock became co-owner and editor of Vancouver Family Magazine in September 2006. She grew up mainly in the Northwest and graduated from Utah Valley University. She is an avid reader and insists that a book is (almost) always better than a movie. She has lived in Vancouver with her husband, JR, and two daughters since 2003. Check out Nikki's Editor’s Picks here.

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