Have a Happy Birthday (Without the Party)

Have a Happy Birthday (Without the Party)

Budget Friendly Birthday Ideas that Make Your Child Feel Special

The day your child was born is a day to celebrate and make him feel special. Birthday parties are fun but they can be a lot of work and the costs can quickly add up. If you decide to skip the birthday party, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate big. Here are some ideas to make sure your child’s birthday is special.

Create Anticipation

As the birthday approaches, build anticipation by talking about it and planning what the day will hold. You can create a special countdown by making a paper chain and tearing off one chain per day or even just counting down the number of days on a chalkboard in your home. Explain that although there will not be a big birthday party this year, there will still be a lot of fun things planned.

Make the Cake

A great way to save money on a birthday celebration is to make the cake yourself. Choose flavors and colors or themes your child loves and get siblings involved in the preparation. Kids typically don’t care about whether the cake is perfectly decorated, they are happy with a cake that is made just for them.

Balloon Avalanche

When your child goes to sleep the night before their birthday, decorate the house with balloons or birthday decor. Try taping a disposable tablecloth to the outside of the door jam and fill the space between with balloons. When your child opens the door, they will be greeted with a balloon avalanche that is sure to put a big smile on their face.

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Sarah Lyons is a wife and mother of 6 children, including one set of triplets.

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