How a Community Came Together to Fight COVID-19

How a Community Came Together to Fight COVID-19

March 2020 will long be remembered as the moment that life changed in the United States. COVID-19 , first reported in the news as happening “elsewhere” was now most certainly here, and Washington emerged as the nation’s first hotspot. As businesses, schools and churches closed to protect the health of the community, unemployment skyrocketed and families isolated. The economical and health impacts (many of which we have yet to fully comprehend) have been significant and far-reaching, but so has the goodwill response. “Look for the helpers,” Fred Rogers’s mother told him as a boy, “You will always find people who are helping.” Helpers have been overwhelmingly present in Clark County throughout the entire pandemic. Many, such as healthcare workers, have been deservedly and publicly applauded for their frontline work. Others have been quietly and anonymously using their newfound spare time to find and help others in need, and to innovate in business to help families maintain enriching experiences.

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Nikki Klock became co-owner and editor of Vancouver Family Magazine in September 2006. She grew up mainly in the Northwest and graduated from Utah Valley University. She is an avid reader and insists that a book is (almost) always better than a movie. She has lived in Vancouver with her husband, JR, and two daughters since 2003. Check out Nikki's Editor’s Picks here.

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