Learning at Home

Learning at Home

Life changed dramatically for Washington state families on March 13, 2020. That was the day that students in grades K-12 learned that all schools would be temporarily closed to slow the spread of COVID-19. It would turn out to be the last day of their 2019-20 school year. Many students never got a chance to say goodbye to their friends and teachers in person, and many are too young to fully understand the reasons for the closure. The confusion and loss were exacerbated by conflicting information from various sources about how K-12 education would proceed in this new unprecedented atmosphere.

Since those first days that now seem like a lifetime ago, Clark County families have worked to create and facilitate learning from home for their kids, all while juggling jobs, maintaining a household, worrying about finances and health concerns, preserving relationships and more. It’s a time we’ll never forget, and one that undoubtedly holds opportunity, even within the huge challenge. We asked local families to share with us photos of what learning at home looks like for them, and the photos tell a story much larger than our words ever could. You’ve got this, parents!

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