Lice Prevention 101

Lice Prevention 101

Lice. Even the mention of the word has all of our heads itching and fearing that it could be on our child’s head. Whether your kiddo is heading to summer camp, or you’ve heard there is a lice outbreak in your area, here are some tips to keep your family lice free this year.

Tip #1- Know the Facts: There is a ton of misinformation out there about lice. Contrary to popular belief, head lice do not jump or fly, but they are fast. They spread quickly by crawling from one person’s head to another.

Tip #2- Avoid Head to Head Contact: While many are worried about getting head lice from movie theaters, bean bags, and couches, the truth is that head lice is rarely spread via inanimate objects. Ninety percent of head lice is spread directly from head to head contact.  Activities like hugging and snuggling, resting your head on someone’s shoulder, group selfies, and playing head to head are just some of the prime opportunities for lice to spread.

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Theresa Parr is a Registered Nurse and the owner of RN Lice Removal, a lice treatment salon in Salem, Oregon, and MyLiceAdvice.Com, a website dedicated to educating people about lice, lice treatment, and lice prevention.

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