Local Business Spotlight: Schauermann Thayer Law Firm

Local Business Spotlight: Schauermann Thayer Law Firm

In 1986, when attorney Brad Thayer was just 1 year old, his father, Bill, founded a law firm in Vancouver with fellow attorney Craig Schauermann. Today, Brad Thayer is a partner at the same firm and his father will be retiring this June. “I think you would find it is pretty rare for a law firm with multiple partners to remain together and cohesive for that extended an amount of time,” says Brad. Schauermann Thayer Law Firm has grown to five attorneys, four paralegals and an office staff, making 15 employees in all.

Brad Thayer is a second-generation attorney at
Schauermann Thayer, the Vancouver firm his father co-founded

If you were to contact their office today, you may be surprised to have an attorney, not an assistant, speak with you on your first call. “Many firms that do what we do use paralegals or other people to do an initial screening of the call before [prospective clients] ever make contact with an attorney. Sometimes they may never chat with an attorney directly,” says Thayer.

Every attorney at Schauermann Thayer is dually licensed to serve both Washington and Oregon clients. They focus solely on personal injury and wrongful death cases, allowing them to continue to hone their skills and serve their clients’ needs to the very best of their abilities. Despite meeting people at a low point in their lives, that is exactly what Brad Thayer loves most about his job. He is able to serve them at a time when they need help the most. “[I enjoy] getting to know people’s stories, learning about who they are and what they do for work, what they do for fun and talking with their families and friends; then figuring out how to help them tell their story in an impactful way.”

Bill Thayer co-founded Vancouver law firm,
Schauermann Thayer in 1986.

As attorneys who represent injured clients, the attorneys at Schauermann Thayer know that accidents happen, but safety and prevention is best. “Prior to COVID, at Vancouver Family Magazine’s annual Children’s Festival, we gave away free bike helmets for kids and that was always a fun way to engage with the community and promote safety.” Additionally, the attorneys volunteer their efforts doing some pro bono legal work, helping at in-person legal clinics and participating in Trial Lawyers Care.

“We wouldn’t exist without our community,” continues Thayer. “To do what we do, with the limited scope of our practice and to have had the sustained success for as long as our firm has [been open] requires strong word of mouth referrals throughout the community. Our strongest source of new cases is referrals, whether from fellow professionals who hold us in high regard or former clients who have experienced the level of service that we provide. It’s the only reason we’re here and we are able to do what we do. We are extremely thankful for our community.”

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