Meet the Young Dreamers: Local Kid Entrepreneurs

Meet the Young Dreamers: Local Kid Entrepreneurs

When asked by an adult what she wanted to do when she grew up, 10-year-old Amira Ashley announced she wanted to a be a boss. With her ambition and determination on display, her enthusiasm should have garnered support and encouragement. Instead, the adult in her life who heard Amira say this tried to crush her dreams before they could blossom. Amira’s mother, Amber-Ashley Dines, is still shocked when she recalls that adult’s response: “Little girls that look like you can’t be bosses. You might need to pick something else. What about a cashier or something else?”

Dines knew racism was and is alive and well, but surely not for her kids, and not in 2021? “I was mortified, and her little heart just broke into pieces.”

With the strength and resilience of someone twice her age, Amira wiped off the tears, confidently put the ugliness behind her, and went after her dreams anyway. Last year, with Dines’s support, Amira created Boujee Vegan Girl, a beauty line featuring lip glosses in vibrant shades and delicious scents like pineapple, tangerine, bubblegum, and wild cherry. But Amira says it’s not just about the fun colors and scents—it’s how her makeup can make someone feel, and she wants everyone to feel like her when they put on her makeup. “It makes me feel so happy inside and so pretty,” she says, “and you just feel like a princess in a castle.”

For a business to sell out of its products consistently in any situation is cause for celebration, but to do so after launching during a pandemic requires a little special something.

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