Micah’s Miles Marathon Team Features Teacher-Student Duo


This April, Camas second grader Micah Snell will be rolling in his wheelchair racer over more than 52 miles, completing two marathons in eight days. His teacher, Amy Campbell, will push Micah for one of those marathons. It’s all part of a mini-fundraising campaign by the Micah’s Miles racing team to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Micah’s Miles is led by Micah, who has a genetic mutation that limits his movement, speech, and development. His family formed the organization to celebrate his many gifts and to challenge others into action. To date, he’s rolled in 20 marathons and raised over $45,000 for charitable causes including United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Micah’s dad, Jeff Snell, usually pushes his wheelchair racer during marathons, but they’re switching things up for the 2017 race season. “Amy has been Micah’s teacher the past couple years, so she feels like a part of our family,” said Snell. “She has a joy for running and making a difference, just like Micah, so it seemed like a great opportunity to connect.”

“It won’t be my first marathon with Micah,” Campbell said. “He was in my thoughts when I ran Boston. Now, I get to actually push him, and it’s powerful.”

The pair will be racing for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which made possible the family’s trip to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawaii, in 2015. Micah’s Miles is offering a free logo tee shirt to anyone who sponsors a mile in either marathon. The goal is to reach two fully sponsored races.

Micah will participate in the Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 1 in Yakima River Valley, Wash., and Campbell will join him for the Vernonia Marathon on April 8 in Vernonia, Ore.

Campbell is Micah’s teacher at Helen Baller Elementary. She and Micah completed the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon in Vancouver, Wash., in February. It was the first race of the year for the Micah’s Miles team.

For more on Micah’s Miles and the teacher-student team, visit Micah’s Miles 2017: Make-A-Wish or the Micah’s Miles Facebook page.

About Micah’s Miles

Based in Camas, Micah’s Miles was founded in 2012 by the family of Micah Snell to build a community around their son and inspire others through his amazing spirit. For each marathon, Micah partners with a cause that’s making a difference. To date he’s rolled in 20 marathons, amassing more than $45,000 for seven causes, including Make-A-Wish, Marathon Scholars, Tiny Superheroes, All God’s Children International, United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Wheel to Walk, and Hand in Hand for Syria. Donations are accepted year-round at www.micahsmiles.org.

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