Mom: A Role to be Cherished

Mom: A Role to be Cherished

At 38 weeks pregnant, Katie eagerly awaited the birth of her first child. Her pregnancy had gone well, and she looked forward to what lay ahead as she arrived for her routine doctor exam. With little warning, and a racing heart, she was ushered to a nearby hospital for a more extensive ultrasound. The doctor said the baby appeared to have quit growing and needed to be examined further. After several tests, Katie learned the baby girl she had carried for nine months would never be normal. Her baby’s heart had two chambers instead of four and likely had Down syndrome.

Katie’s doctor gave her the option to abort, which she declined. Upon admittance to the hospital for delivery to begin, a final ultrasound was administered. Tragically, the heartbeat couldn’t be found. Katie’s baby girl, Bliss Nicole, had died in utero. Katie was to endure delivery of a stillborn baby and cope with the devastating loss of her first child.

We often take the privilege of motherhood for granted, instead of a role to be cherished. Women suffer through infertility, stillborn births, and miscarriages every day. Some women lose the opportunity to complete their mothering role because of illness or death. We’re blessed to be given the opportunity to bear and raise our children.

It’s easy to overlook the important role we play, but the influence we have as mothers can’t be denied.

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Gayla Grace writes, speaks, and coaches on family and stepfamily issues and holds a master's degree in psychology and counseling. She and her husband Randy have five children in their blended family, ages 17-32.

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