The Mommy Brain

The Mommy Brain

After baby is born, or perhaps at the very point of conception, our brains turn to mush. The intellectual contributions a woman makes to society begin to wane as soon as her womb is filled with new life. At least, that’s what conventional wisdom would lead prospective and present mothers to believe. The problem with this ethos? It’s not true, and it could even be dangerous. The truth about the effects of motherhood on the female brain is unequivocally nuanced, but ultimately many researchers are finding that motherhood makes us smarter, not dumber.

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Nikki Klock became co-owner and editor of Vancouver Family Magazine in September 2006. She grew up mainly in the Northwest and graduated from Utah Valley University. She is an avid reader and insists that a book is (almost) always better than a movie. She has lived in Vancouver with her husband, JR, and two daughters since 2003. Check out Nikki's Editor’s Picks here.

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