Mosaic Family Voyage: Learning to Live Aboard

Mosaic Family Voyage: Learning to Live Aboard

In October 2016, our landlubber family took the leap and moved aboard our new sailboat, Mosaic, in a marina on Hayden Island at Jantzen Beach. We enjoyed two weeks of nice, fall weather before being slammed with the worst Pacific Northwest winter in recent memory. We hadn’t a clue what we were getting ourselves into, but with our goal fixed firmly in mind, we jumped full-steam-ahead into liveaboard life.

It rained incessantly throughout November, and by December that rain had turned to snowstorm after snowstorm after ice storm after snowstorm. December, January, and February passed in a blur of semi-misery for us. The temperatures outside were freezing as often as not and the water around the boat even froze three inches thick. We had just two small space heaters to warm the boat, so we lived in layers of warm clothes as the temperatures frequently dipped into the 50s inside the boat overnight.

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Rachel Messerschmidt and her family are Clark County natives currently living and cruising full time aboard their sailboat, Mosaic, in the Pacific Northwest. Rachel blogs about her life and journey at Mosaic Voyage and shares her family’s adventures in a monthly column in Vancouver Family Magazine.

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