The New Domesticity: Rainy Day Recreation


I was about 8 years old when I sat at the piano, hammering out my exercises. Primer propped before me, not only did I watch the notes, but I also memorized the lyrics. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it was quite natural for me to feel a deep connection with the lively drill, “Pitter Patter,” a ditty which is firmly embedded (arguably via staccato) in my brain:

Pitter patter goes the rain

On the trees and flow’rs;

Pitter patter goes the rain

For so many hours.

I appreciated the cadence, giggled over that awkwardly cropped “flow’rs,” and how well could I envision those “many hours” of rain.

If you have children, it’s likely the pitter-patter of rain means an increase in the pitter-patter of indoor feet. At such times, it’s tempting to rely on screens for entertainment. While useful in moderation, let’s hear from some local families about alternative forms of RECREATION that are working their way from the past into the next generation.

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Julianna Lawson and her husband, Jamie, make their home in Vancouver with their four children, ages 13 to 20.

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