NW Getaway: Year Round Fun in Central Oregon

NW Getaway: Year Round Fun in Central Oregon

Sometime between the one year I lived in Bend as a child, and the times I recently visited Central Oregon with my own family 30 years later, the area blossomed to become a major Pacific Northwest tourist destination that promises adventure in both summer and winter seasons. The region is full of natural wonder, stunning scenery, culinary pleasure and a vibe you just don’t get anywhere else. My family and I recently explored Central Oregon twice over the course of a few months—once during the summer season, where we splashed in the pool and kayaked down the Deschutes River, and once during the winter season where we snowboarded at Hoodoo Ski Area and snowshoed over several feet of snowpack on Mount Bachelor. We found that Central Oregon is a place defined by opposites: high desert and national forest, river valleys and mountain peaks, summer heat and winter snow—all waiting to be explored at any time of year. Here’s what we discovered while we were there.

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More photos of my family’s trips to Central Oregon

  • Floating the Deschutes River and walking or cycling the Deschutes River Trail through downtown Bend are popular summertime activities.

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