The Magic of Music: Opera Quest

The Magic of Music: Opera Quest

No matter what your age or ethnicity, music is a magical language that we can all appreciate and share. Music means something different to each person, but for kids, it can open their minds to a world of imagination like nothing else can. Opera Quest Northwest is a local nonprofit organization that recognizes there is power in music and works to instill a love of music in children through interactive education, primarily with opera and classical music.

What is Opera Quest?

This unique organization introduces children across the Pacific Northwest to opera through a lively and interactive one-hour production that blends music and script together in one exciting show. The program, called Opera the Great, features five professional singers and a pianist, who are all music educators by nature and training. The interactive show travels to various schools at little or no cost to the school. This last school year, the group was able to visit 14 schools in districts in and around Clark County. Next year they plan to expand their goal by visiting more schools and reaching more school-age students. The program is designed for kids ages 8-10, but they do perform for younger and older students, as well. The organization was officially founded as a non-profit in 2013, but the show “Opera the Great” has been performed in schools since 2011. They also perform for the general public and most recently joined with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at a free Six to Sunset Summer Concert in Esther Short Park.

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A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Brooke Strickland is a full time freelance writer who recently co-authored her first book, “Hooked on Games.” When taking a break from writing, she can be found in a cozy chair with a book, or on the Oregon coast with her two daughters, husband, and two dogs.

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