Park Namesakes in Clark County

Park Namesakes in Clark County

On warm summer days, the many parks of Clark County are full of families enjoying playgrounds, walking trails, sports fields and courts, skate parks, dedicated green space, outdoor grills, pavilion shelters and all of the natural beauty afforded us by our cities’ and counties’ parks and recreation departments. We all have a park that’s fairly close to us, or a family favorite, but most of us haven’t paused to wonder about the origins of each park’s namesake. Each and every park in Clark County has a story, and a history. This summer, we are honoring the heritage of Southwest Washington’s dedicated park spaces by uncovering the history of the people for whom these parks are named. Find the history here, and find links to more information about park locations and amenities below:

General Anderson Park, named for General Thomas Arthur Anderson, the longest commanding officer of Vasncouver Barracks, and the first officer to lead American troops to Asia in 1898:

Leverich Park, named for Anna Howell Leverich, who never had children but who owned, lived on, and tended for decades the land on which the park now sits:

Sgt. Brad Crawford Park, named for a Vancouver police officer who died in the line of duty in 2004:

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