Finding a Lifetime Friend through Pet Adoption

Finding a Lifetime Friend through Pet Adoption

“Who could resist those fluffy bundles of joy?” asks Diane Stevens of Furry Friends in Vancouver, a nonprofit, no-kill, cat adoption agency. Who indeed? Fluffy kittens are definitely one of the agency’s most popular adopted pets, affirms Stevens.

Denise Barr of Humane Society for Southwest Washington echoes the affection, “Expect your heart to never be the same again! Having a pet in your life means that you have a lifetime friend, one who will love you unconditionally.”

If you’re searching for your own fluffy bundle of joy, several Clark County organizations offer just the right environment to help your family find the best pet for you.

Barr explains that dogs are the most adopted animal at the Humane Society. Each animal goes through behavior tests to determine adoptability, and then they are listed on the Humane Society website at Barr explains, “Our new website has greatly increased the number of people visiting the Adoption Center-Shelter. I would say most people use our website, or the website PetFinder, to search for the kind of dog or cat they want. They read the bios and look at the photos and come looking for that particular animal.”

If you are searching for a feline friend to adopt, the cats of Furry Friends can be viewed at Here you can also find contact information to schedule an appointment to meet that new, possible family addition. Stevens explains, “People who prefer to adopt instead of purchasing a cat from a breeder have big hearts. They are looking to save a cat’s life by offering it a home.” Barr agrees. “Many people will only adopt a shelter animal because they believe in taking care of existing animals in our community.”

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Vivian Mattila Walikainen is blessed with a husband of 25 years, six children and three grandchildren who keep her learning, growing, and slightly off-balance. She lives in Battle Ground and recently earned a bachelor's degree in human development from Warner Pacific College.

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