Photography Submissions

We love showcasing the work of local photographers, and we welcome cover photo submissions!

All submissions must come directly from the photographer (not the subject) and must conform to the following criteria:

  • Resolution: 330 dpi at 8.875″ 11.375″
  • Vertical orientation
  • Do not crop photo as we need space for logos and titles
  • Permission from subjects and a description to go with the photo (including the first name and last initial of the subjects, where they live, and any other info to describe the photo)
  • Photographer’s contact information to credit the photographer

*Deadline for each month’s cover is the second Friday of the month prior to the issue.

General Themes (subject to change):

  1. January: Education Guide
  2. February: Marriage & Relationships
  3. March: Pregnancy
  4. April: Annual Summer Camp Guide
  5. May: Mothers, Women’s Health
  6. June: Fathers, Men’s Health
  7. July: Teens, Summer Fun
  8. August: Back to School
  9. September: Baby, Grandparents
  10. October: Family Health
  11. November: Top Toys
  12. December: Charitable Giving

Send your photos to VFM’s graphic designer, I-Shüan Warr.