Putting the “FUN” in Fundraiser: Success Strategies for Kids and Teens

Putting the “FUN” in Fundraiser: Success Strategies for Kids and Teens

“Fundraising.” As a parent, does hearing this F-word make you cringe? It doesn’t have to! Over the years our six children have raised money for activities ranging from summer camps to school clubs and trips. Often it is not feasible for us as parents to foot the bill. We also feel it’s important for our children to work toward earning the activities they are participating in. Doing so creates a sense of ownership and responsibility. Along the way we have learned a thing or two about supporting these efforts, and about enjoying the fundraising piece as more than a means to an end. With a little bit of creativity and some helpful tips, you and your children can also have a great fundraising experience.

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Kristyn Morgan and her husband, David, have spent the last 20 years raising their five sons and a daughter in Vancouver. She believes in the motto “Striving to be better while keeping it real,” and can be found blogging about navigating the parenting waters at This Crazy Life or on Instagram at morganlifeadvice.

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