Beyond Please and Thank You: How to Raise Gracious Givers and Receivers


Abbie said her first word one Christmas when her older sister opened a present: “Mine!”

Jason was so excited about the pile of birthday presents from his friends, he tore into them not bothering to look at any cards, or thank those who’d brought each gift.

And, years ago, one 13- year-old was so disappointed that her grandma didn’t realize Shaun Cassidy wasn’t cool anymore, that she had trouble holding back tears when she saw two records as the wrapping paper fell away.

Being a gracious gift giver and receiver is a big lesson for our little ones, and even some of our bigger ones, to learn. Showing gratitude is an important skill because it makes life richer, is associated with greater happiness and even better physical and mental health. It’s worth our time to help our children learn to be gracious givers and receivers, but it’s not always easy.

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