Raising Money Smart Kids

Raising Money Smart Kids

As a kid, I had a treasured piggy bank. I remember dumping it out, then separating the money I had saved into piles of dollars, quarters, and dimes so I could count exactly how much I had. I dreamed of what I could do with that money. Should I save it all for something big, or take it to the store and buy a small treasure? The same struggle happens today with kids: save or spend? We are constantly bombarded with the next big thing that’s available for purchase. It may be the new iPhone or a hot new trend in fashion. Because of these constant temptations, parents are turning to experts on how to teach their kids to effectively manage money and instill lifelong healthy spending and savings habits.

Educating Your Kids

Teaching kids about money can be complex. Thankfully, there are many financial education resources out there to help.

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