Renaissance Dad: Miracles Happen

Renaissance Dad: Miracles Happen

I know I’m the guy that’s usually good for a few laughs (I hope!), but this month’s topic is one I take very seriously, and very personally. My wife and I spent ten years trying to have our daughter. Ten years of frustration, and disappointment, and tears. Ten years of smiling through the pain, as we held our friend’s babies while knowing we were going home with empty arms.

Sometimes it felt like there was no hope, like our miracle would never happen.

So, I want to take a break from the chuckles, and share my story, our story, in hopes that it will remind those who may have grown weary that miracles do happen.

During the years that we were trying to have a baby, we read the books, we took the vitamins, we followed the advice, and nothing worked. Finally, we had to face the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen the “old fashioned way” and, now pushing age 40, our chances weren’t getting any better.

We decided to go with in vitro fertilization (IVF).

We sold our home to pay for the treatments and, after what seemed like an eternity of tests, and medications, and doctor appointments, we finally got the call that it was time. We were scared . . . no, we were terrified. We had one shot at this, and we’d pushed all our chips to the middle of the table.

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Perry P. Perkins is a third-generation chef, award-winning writer, and culinary instructor. He lives with his family in Longview, and operates the MY KITCHEN Outreach Program, for at-risk and under-served youth. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including sixteen “Chicken Soup for the Soul” anthologies. He is also a reoccurring guest-chef on AM Northwest. More of Perry’s work can be found on Amazon at, and his cooking blog at

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