Ringing in a Family Friendly New Year

Ringing in a Family Friendly New Year

Celebrating the New Year was an adults-only evening, until I had kids. Upon becoming a parent, I had no desire to leave my kids at home with a babysitter—if I could get one—so I decided to make New Year’s Eve family friendly and still have a good time. Here are some ways in which we have rung in the New Year.

Get Gussied Up or Dress in Theme

Why wear holiday clothes only once or just a few times? Kids grow quickly and sprout right through them. Put the special clothing on, along with some added bling for the evening. Our sons have worn suit coats and bow-ties; our daughters have been bedazzled with sequins, boas, and lace that accessorize their pretty dresses.

Tired of the holiday clothes? Decide on a theme. Perhaps it will relate to your dinner cuisine, perhaps not. It does not matter since it’s your party. One year we ate Italian food and wore Halloween costumes.

Recap the Year with a Photo Scavenger Hunt

My kids love to pour through pictures, especially if they are the subjects. As they have gotten older they also take pictures during vacations, special events, and of everyday moments with their siblings.

Select, print, and hide the pictures around your home. Send your kids off to find them and then gather the family to reminisce. Place the photos into a photo album designated by the year, say 2015, or in a larger New Year’s photo album segmented by year to hold the memories. Add notes in colored pens or markers around each picture.

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Judy M. Miller is a freelance writer, wife, and mother of four children. She is the author of “What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween” and “Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward.”

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