August 2017

Little Known Library Resources

Written atop the home page of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library’s (FVRL) website at is an invitation to Explore the Possibilities. The possibilities to which it is referring are potentially endless, and the invitation to explore is open to virtually everyone. Yet the library’s free, online resources and databases are some of the most… Read More

10 Ways To Build Better Student-Teacher Relationships

Teacher-student cooperation is an important alliance that starts at home and affects a child’s entire academic career. Having positive relationships with teachers throughout twelve years of school can make the difference between a child who adores school and all it encompasses and a child who dreads school and struggles on a daily basis. By the… Read More

Getting Assessed: Early Childhood Screenings

The early childhood years from birth to the beginning of kindergarten are an incredibly vital time of rapid growth and learning. Many families are curious if their children are on track in learning and wonder if they’re up to speed on what they need to know before starting school. Early childhood screenings are a great… Read More