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Wrapping Charity into the Giving Season

The holidays are supposed to be happy, but when it comes to gift giving, it’s easy to become consumed by anxiety and expectation. This pressure is sometimes magnified for families who have many obligations and persuasive little ones with giant imaginations. Still, nobody denies that gifts are a wonderful way to express our love. We… Read More

Protect Yourself From “Charity”: Know When and How to Donate

Donating time or money to a charitable organization often brings both personal satisfaction to the donating individual and much needed resources to the receiving organization and the community it serves. For many years I have experienced this symbiotically rewarding relationship through donations of both time and money to the Boy Scouts of America. I’ve had… Read More

Give More 24! Event 2015

Southwest Washington’s second annual day of online giving will launch at midnight on Thursday, September 24. The event, called Give More 24!, invites residents from across Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania Counties to visit and give collectively—as one community—for 24 hours. Charitable contributions can be made to any of the 111 participating nonprofits, and every… Read More