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When I was growing up, no one emphasized natural medicine as a viable healthcare choice. Instead, I was raised, as I imagine you were, to rely entirely on traditional medicine without considering other options. In the Western medicine model, the

Part Two of a Two-Part Series on Vitamin Deficiencies Read Part One, about iron deficiency, in Vancouver Family Magazine’s September 2017 issue.  Last winter, Jennifer Prescott, of Vancouver, experienced a devastating miscarriage that left her depressed and fatigued. The fatigue, she had

Part One of a Two-Part Series on Vitamin Deficiencies Read Part Two, about vitamin D deficiency, in Vancouver Family Magazine’s October 2017 issue When Jennifer Prescott, now age 29, was in college, she started experiencing major fatigue, above and beyond the

  October has a wonderful settledness to it. Autumn rhythms have generally fallen into place, school schedules are more familiar, and children respond to the reassuring nature of ordered days. It is during these times that we can strategically look around

Every one of us has a complex relationship with food. From childhood, it’s used to comfort, control, reward and punish. For many of us, the fear of consequences connected to undesirable eating habits drives us to avoid, indulge (read: fail),

Temper tantrums, quirky behaviors, the tendency to withdraw, perceived delays in development, an inability to sit still…the list of behaviors in young children that raise concern in parents seems endless. And not knowing what to do when it comes to