The Healthy Brain Diet

Whether you’re divvying up the restaurant tab, helping with homework or multitasking on projects at work, your brain works better when you feed it well. In fact, scientists in the pioneering field of nutritional neuroscience are finding that specific nutrients may be able to charge your brain’s neurotransmitters (messenger cells), thereby enhancing your mental performance… Read More

Nourishment to Mind and Body: Intuitive Eating and the Rejection of Diet Fads

Every one of us has a complex relationship with food. From childhood, it’s used to comfort, control, reward and punish. For many of us, the fear of consequences connected to undesirable eating habits drives us to avoid, indulge (read: fail), then avoid again, promulgating a mentally and physically unhealthy cycle of guilt and hopelessness. There’s… Read More

Uncovering Mental Illness in Young Children

Temper tantrums, quirky behaviors, the tendency to withdraw, perceived delays in development, an inability to sit still…the list of behaviors in young children that raise concern in parents seems endless. And not knowing what to do when it comes to a child’s mental health can feel even scarier and more overwhelming. Is what I’m seeing… Read More